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Protecty and speedy

Protecty and Speedy themes has been purchased , rating: /5 based on 1.0 reviews.

Highlight features

As suggested by the name of the app, Protecty and Speedy is an app which helps you to secure your store’s content. This app works in disabling the use of right-clicking on images and descriptions on your store then it can reduce the problem of losing content. Moreover, this tool allows you to block certain countries then it can lower the rate of spamming on your sites. Besides, it helps to improve the speed of your page by using lazy loading of photos and optimizing CSS and Javascript Delivery. Your visitors may go away if they have to wait too long to load your website, hence, when you faster the loading speed of your page, it is more chance for you to gain more customers. One more plus of this app is that you just need to pay only once and own it forever, with the fee of $75.