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Verified Products by Architechpro oü

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In today’s businesses, you are not only in need of a good store management but also have to verify your products’ quality so as to raise trust from the customers. With Verified Products made by Architechpro OÜ, now you can do the action in a more effective yet modern way. It will be especially convenient for you if you are running a store that sells the products from your own brand along with other products. By being allowed to feature your carefully chosen products from your brand, your store will have a big chance of raising its own value. More than that, now Verified Products provides you a feature of choosing reputable products from your store and mark it with a star so that the customers will be persuaded to take a proper look at them. As this star icon is customizable, you can also change its shape and color to match with the store’s aesthetic. Because of the fact that customers nowadays are extremely fastidious about the quality of the products that they are considering to purchase, verifying the quality not only will earn the trust from your customers, but also could build a better image of your store as a interactive store with outstanding customer service. Be ready for all of those wonderful commercial experience and a 5-day free trial brought to you by Verified Products!

Highlight features

  • Raise the value of your own brand and products
  • Set trusted product to encourage customers to purchase
  • Design the verification icon to match it with your store
  • Make the store seems more trustful by the verified products
  • Provide interaction between merchants and customers that attracts more buyers

Price: $4.99/month. 5-day free trial.

Rating: - 0.0 / 5

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Top 1+ Shopify Product Verification Apps

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