How to sort your orders list on Shopify


Along with the growth of your business, you receive more and more orders. Even when receiving a large number of orders is every store owner’s wish, managing all these orders at the same time could be an incredibly challenging task, especially for inexperienced managers.

However, convenient enough, thanks to Shopify, it is never before easier to manage your orders, regardless of the length of your list. To save all the possible struggles, Shopify offers users several useful tools, such as changing orders display using filters, using search terms on the search bar to make searching for your orders easier, and performing several actions on multiple selected orders all at once.

By default, Shopify displays your orders list from the newest to the oldest. However, you can always make a change and re-sort your orders list by fulfillment status, payment status, or by orders total. This function comes in handy especially when you need to find specific orders from a large number of orders in your list.

Below are clear actions steps and instructions on How to sort your order list on Shopify.

How to sort your order on Shopify in 3 steps:

Step 1: Go to Orders.

First, sign in your Shopify store account, go to the Orders section on your left.

To sort order

Step 2: Click column headers to change sort orders

In order to change the way your orders are sorted, simply click a column header.

For instance, if you wish to view all of your orders with the lowest-priced bills, simply click the Total header at the back to bring all the received orders with the lowest-priced bill to the top of the list.

To sort order

Step 3: Click the column header one more time if you want to reverse the order of how your list is sorted

In the example above, if you want to view orders sorted by price, from the most expensive to the least expensive, simply click the Total header one more time and the order is reversed.


Shopify helps store owners to view an order, or sort orders list with just some simple mouse clicks. I hope the above instructions on how to sort your order list on Shopify would help your store management process much easier.

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