How to find apps in the app store


As you know what type of apps you need, you can easily find it in the Shopify App Store. You should read a brief description of what the app can do exactly to your store. Also, you can download the apps from the developer’s website. In this article, you will learn how to find apps in the app store, including free apps and paid apps.

How to find apps in the app store (include Free apps and Paid apps)

To find free apps in the app store

As you can see, there are lots of free apps and those are made by Shopify. To seek them on the app store, you can search for the price.

To find paid apps in the app store

There are most paid apps are made by the third party developers and they offer a free trial for their users. Hence, you can opt for the app before purchasing it. The price for each app is various so that you can choose which one suits for your own budget. For instance, when you are having a small store and everything you have just started out, you can select the basic plan. As your store increase the revenue, size, and complexity, you can choose the app that meets your demands. Here are three ways you can pay when using apps:

  • Monthly: There are several apps that can charge you a fee monthly. The lowest price is about USD 5 each month. Basically, the more complex the function is, the more money it costs.

  • One-time: When you install the apps, they charge you a fee. Like the monthly app fee, the more complicated the function is, the more money this app can cost.

  • Per-use: There are some apps that can charge you a fee whenever you use.


As you can see, the article on **how to find apps ** including free and paid ones can help you easily choose apps that fit your budget. However, take note that you can be asked some questions when selecting apps for your own store.